Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fayetteville Engagement Portraits for Hannah and Chris, part 2

Hey everybody!

These two have the makings of being one of my all-time favorite Benny couples: first, we have a long friendship history; second, they're drop-dead gorgeous; third, they are FUN FUN FUN! As an added bonus, they were down for all my silly ideas, and embraced each random location and pose I threw their way. We seriously had a great time. Oh, shoutout to Kirsten Blowers Stuckey for assisting me on this photo shoot - she was handy with her iPhone to show the poses I was thinking about, there to fix hair in a flash, and added comic relief and commentary. Love you KB!

Off we go!

I just love the way girls can look at boys.  Ow ow ow!!

The composition here is my FAAAAAVE!

Talk to you soon,

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