Monday, August 31, 2015

Gunther Family Portraits: A sweet story from the mom

Hey everybody!

I've got a really special post today.  I wanted Amanda to write the story from her perspective, and I just love the way she told it. Y'all... read this!

"A couple of years ago God started to put adoption on our hearts. We went through the paperwork process and opened our home as an adopt only home for the state of Arkansas. We waited and waited for God to give us our child, but the phone never rang. During the waiting time, I started to wonder if we should also open as a foster home. I told God that if He would give JJ the new job he had applied for and give me a bigger house THEN I would be a foster mom. We took a leap of faith and became a foster home. In January, Christopher and Matthew came into our little house. In March, JJ got the job offer he was hoping for. And in July, all four of us and the dogs moved into our bigger home. Did you notice that God didn't do it my way? In His perfect timing, God kept all of his promises to our family. On August 12 Christopher and Matthew officially became Gunthers and we so joyfully became a family forever." 

Talk to you soon,

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