Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hope and Brandon's Little Rock Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

When I showed up at the church for Hope's wedding, I was met with squeals from the bride.  You see, that's the thing about Hope... she BURSTS with excitement. She lets out affection with her voice and it's so endearing. Her ceremony and getting ready was filled with sweet moments like these, and that's what I wanna share with y'all today.

Her sister Bonnie got to spend some special time with her getting her makeup and hair ready...

 Meanwhile our man Brandon was in the next room finishing up his details.  I love his style, y'all.
 This moment when Hope puts on her veil is everything. So fun - can't you just feel her emotions?  Sweet girl.
 Speaking of sweet girls, Hope's niece, Hattie Blessing, is just about the sweetest lil babe you'll ever meet.  She warmed up to me and we became fast friends. You'll see more of this little Treasure later.
 Okay. Y'all. This moment is so special.  I have a fascination with hands and touching (touch is my love language, did you know?)... this moment of Hope's closest friends and family touching her as they pray over her and Brandon's marriage was so heart-swelling.
 Then it was time for some fun bridal party portraits.  After we finished our formals we got to play around a little with the bride.  These girls are some of the best, y'all. Just look at their faces - they are filled with love for their friend.
 My sweet friend.  This picture - this expression. So perfect.

Hope's dad is so fun; not only does he have some killer dance moves (which you'll see tomorrow), and not only does he call his daughters and leaving hymn-singing voicemails (I've been a witness to this fine talent), but he's so open and adoring of his girls. These moments with Hope before he walks her down the aisle give you a good impression of how he is 100 percent of the time with them. I'd like to think this is how I'll be on Ellie's wedding day, and Cece's wedding day.

 Aw, the first kiss as husband and wife.  How precious.

Wasn't that fun? Just wait for the PARTY tomorrow on the blog! :)

Talk to you soon,

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