Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hope's Fayetteville Bridal Portraits

Hey everybody!

Last night I attended Hope and Brandon's rehearsal dinner as an invited guest and friend. As their closest people stood and shared about the couple, I thought to myself, "man, I'd really like to say something." I of course chickened out because while I was there as a friend, I did have my camera and I didn't want people to think, "uh, why is the photographer making a speech?" Haha! So, here's what I would have said...

One of my ALL-TIME favorite brides is getting married tomorrow. I'll never be able to say exactly what Hope Argo Degroat means to me. Over the past few years, we've gained such a mutual appreciation for each other, and over the past 6 months, we've become quite good friends.

Hope is so kind. I've spent hours talking her little ear off and she just listens sweetly with encouragement and an open heart. She invites you to open up to her without saying a word. You find yourself WANTING to talk to her, WANTING to share what's on your mind, because you know it's falling on caring ears.

Hope loves Jesus. Her faith in God is so evident--His love radiates out of her. You can watch Hope just do everyday things and see that she's filled with Faith. That might be hard to explain with words, but you know how sometimes you just know things about people by watching them? Well, by watching Hope I can see plainly that she loves the Lord.

Hope is full of life. You've seen so many shots of her sister Bonnie on this blog, and I'm sure you noticed that she is excitable and has a zest for life. Her big sis embodies this beautiful quality as well (you'll see in the images below). I love positive people--they're the most fun to be around, and boy is it fun to be around Hope Argo Degroat!

Brandon, you've won the wife lottery today. I know you'll cherish her and continue to pursue her your entire life, but what I'm really excited about is seeing the amazing things the two of you will do for the Lord as a couple. I believe in you both, and will always be here to help you in any way I can. Love you both!


Alright... enough of the sappy stuff. Let's see some pretty pictures! Hope, you're a breathtaking bride! (and that dress from Tesori is a dream!)

Talk to you soon,

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