Monday, August 24, 2015

My Book Deal! Details inside...

Hey everybody!

It's been truly a bucket list item of mine to have a "real" book.  You know I've had a couple ebooks published (grab from the iTunes store), but this is different. This is REAL.  A submission to my dream publisher (if we're being honest, I thought I'd learn a lot from being rejected from one of the most prestigious publishers in the US). The crazy thing is, they loved the book!  So much so they crafted up a real book deal (like, with an advance and royalties and everything!). I was honored and excited.

Since signing the contract I've been diving headfirst on pretty much a daily basis in edits, rewrites, locating images, and coverting the book to their stylesheets.  It's been such a huge learning process, but so fun! I've been in the editing/rewriting phase for a few weeks now and if all stays according to schedule, it'll debut with PeachPit by the end of the year!  I'd LOOOOOVE to do a book signing! How fun would that be?!

I also just got a mockup of the cover... I love it!

I'm so thankful and honored that PeachPit took a chance on me.  They have such a good reputation in our industry and I couldn't have been more thrilled (beside myself, really) that they're my publisher!  I can't wait to share updates with you all about its release. As always, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I know for a fact that I couldn't do this without you all!  XO!

Talk to you soon,

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