Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Springfield Wedding Portraits of Janelle and Brett

Hey everybody!

Janelle is so sweet - she and her wedding planner have been fans of Benfield Photography for a long time, and I knew it meant the world to her that we were able to be there for her wedding (and likewise, I love fun, sweet, gorgeous brides... inside and out!). I also know Janelle is a fan of Benny Backlight (yay! It's my favorite, signature lighting, y'all!), so I wanted to make sure to get that yummy orange glow in her pictures.

Since it was pretty warm that day, and we were only scheduled to be there until 8pm, inside I was a little sad because I knew the perfect lighting would happen around 8:10. Though we had the drive back to Fayetteville after we left, and had to relieve Cece's babysitters (thankfully it was Mere's parents who would understand if we had to stay a few minutes late), I decided I was going to stay and get the perfect portraits Janelle dreamed about when she asked Benfield Photography to photograph her wedding. :) It was my secret little gift to her.

Check out my favorite portraits from her wedding day (both earlier and in our beloved Benny Backlight). Yay! Also, shoutout to the weird guy who let us use his slug bug for pictures. :)

Talk to you soon,

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