Monday, August 31, 2015

The Cubs, Cece's Speech, and My Dream.

Hey everybody!

I used to dream that the Cubs would win the world series. I've been a lifelong fan (if you scroll back years and years on here, you'll see) and the lovable losers will always have a huge piece of my heart, my hope, and my spirit.

The other night, I had a different dream.  It was a good dream. In my dream, Cece said, "outside" as in... I wanna go outside. Of course, to reinforce that behavior I took her directly outside so she could see that her words meant something to my ears.  It was a good dream. Nothing fancy, nothing fantastical, just my daughter talking.

But I woke up sad.

Over the course of her 2.5 years, I've heard her say a couple words; believe it or not, she has said "ousted" -- which is how her cute little mouth would say "outside" -- a couple times before (probably 8 or 9 months ago). I've since learned that children with autism can "forget" words.  And the more I've studied, the more I realize it's more like they "can't locate" the words they want to pull from their brain and say.  It's terribly frustrating because I know that she knows them.  I know that she thinks them.  I know that if I tell her we are going to go outside, she'll start heading to the back door.

A parent's dream is a powerful thing.  I'm using it as a goal to reach toward, and to fight for.  I don't know that Cece will ever say a sentence to her "Daaaa" but I'm here with open ears.  As for the Cubs, well... I'd take a World Series ring as a consolation prize.

Talk to you soon,


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