Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dillon King and Amy Duggar's Wedding Photos: Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody!

***first off... note... please don't pull these images and repost or use them in any way without contacting me first:  - thanks! :)

I'm about to start a few posts covering the wedding of Amy Duggar to Dillon King.  Since I sold exclusive, first pick rights to wedding images to People Magazine, I had to wait until today until I could post anything (isn't that just crazy?!).  Anyway, it's Thursday now so I have the okay to post anything that is not running in the magazine... yay!  I wanted to start off with a few of Amy and Dillon's wedding portraits. She of course is SO natural in front of my camera, and Dillon and I have become such good buddies over this engagement process that he is also photogenic. :)  Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding portrait session on the wedding day...

Talk to you soon,

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