Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Crazy Weekend - Surgery+Weddings

Hey everybody!

Like many (ahem, ALL) guys I know, I'm not quick to admit I'm sick, and I'm less quick to accept help for it. Last Wednesday night after meeting with my friend Amy Duggar (we had to plan out her wedding day and make that big ol' family shot list) I had been feeling pretty icky and it really caught up with me and got BAD. I was out working at one of my usual spots on my book (yay!) and I decided I needed to get home, but was unable to drive. I had a friend pick me up and 1/2 way home I said, "um... please just take me to the hospital."

A few hours later, what felt like food poisoning and major stomach cramping and pain, all localized to my appendix. The doctor came in and confirmed our fears: appendicitis. I told the doctor that I'm a wedding photographer and have never missed a wedding, nor will I ever miss a wedding so I'd like to move the surgery to Monday. He said that was fine if I didn't mind DYING. Hahaha! So, we had the surgery first thing Thursday morning.

Let's fast forward over the next 48 painful hours.

**Saturday, Eileen and Chad got married at Hunt Chapel in Rogers, and I was there to take pictures the entire time.
**Sunday, Amy Duggar and Dillon King got married at Horton Farms near Bentonville, and I was there from noon to midnight shooting that one as well.

I'm thankful for God's perfect timing. If I had waiting a day to go in I likely wouldn't have been able to shoot Eileen's wedding and would have been devastated. I'm also thankful my little stomach attack didn't happen on Saturday or Sunday... haha! Oh, and lastly I'm thankful for my mom who came down from Joplin to be my nurse and friend while I recovered. She's a sweetheart, y'all! I wish you could meet her! There's no momma better on the planet.

Anyway, just thought I'd drop a line about my crazy little wedding weekend for you, and to say that I absolutely LOVE my job - it never seems like work, and I am so thankful for my clients this weekend who were so sweet to me and appreciated me being there.

Talk to you soon,

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