Friday, December 18, 2015

8th Annual Benny Awards Save the Date!

Hey everybody!

This post is for 2015-2016 Benny Brides! YAY! Mark your calendar for the 8th annual Benny Awards! The nominees are coming soon, so stay tuned for that, and start working on your vote strategy because the prizes this year are going to be FANTASTIC!

The date: Friday, January 29, 2016! Bring your beau, or if he can't make it, bring a bridesmaid or MOH! I'll be sending out the official invites soon enough, but I wanted to make sure you marked it on your calendar - you won't wanna miss it!

I love this shot from last year (retrotender will be there again to get us all feeling good!) And my friends at Kate & Co. will be making it look all pretty! Woohoooo!

Talk to you soon,

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