Saturday, December 26, 2015

Silly Selfies with Dale

Hey everybody!

Y'all, I'm knee deep... wait, chin deep... in the Benny Awards nominee selections. I've literally sifted through more than FORTY THOUSAND images and found some real doozies... but what I also noticed is... man, I take a LOOOOOOOT of selfies!  I've rounded up some of these as it bit of a year in review (the official end-of-year post is also in the works, so check back next week).  I don't always take selfies, but every time I forget I kick myself when I get home. Here's lookin' at you...

With the darling Hattie Blessing... maybe the cutest little girl the world has ever seen.

I'll be shooting the doll's wedding in February! Yay!

Selfie with the Colosseum in the background. Yay for 2015!

With Amy Duggar King - She rocks at selfies for sure.

In Florida with Brooke - before I jumped into the pool (and before she jumped in with her hubby Ryan)

At the wedding at Excellence Playa Mujeres with Candace...

With Bride Candice and bridesmaid... we all went out after this wedding to Dickson... so fun!

With Erin and Cody in Little Rock. The bride was so feisty, and put on quite the party!

Oh darling Hannah... we've taken probably a hundred selfies throughout our friendship. Love her!

Oh, hello.  These wigs. That is all.

The Waldrip gang. Always down for a fun group selfie.

The getaway selfie. Natalie and Curtis were freaking hilarious all day long.

Cutest of the cute... Rebecca never takes a bad picture.

One of my all-time besties (and Tesori owner) Lindsay - oh, and hey Bo in the BG!

Not a selfie, but so fun. Tressa (who is a precious new mama - she sent me a pic tonight of her little beauty, Emma Pearl!) and me jumping on the bed wedding morning.

Okay, stay tuned for more fun stuff, including the BENNY AWARD nominees!!

Talk to you soon,

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