Thursday, January 7, 2016

17 Hats: Streamlining My Workflow

Hey everybody!

Today's post is for photographers and business owners. As you saw a few days ago in my New Year's Resolutions post, I'm looking to streamline my workflow and become more efficient in 2016. Though I feel like I already to this pretty well, we can ALWAYS improve! I recently found a company that is going to help with my invoicing, credit card processing (which will also save me some money from the solution I was using in 2015), scheduling, organizing my contacts, etc. Seriously, it does so many things all in one place that I couldn't wait to get started! The company is called 17hats (I have a coupon code below!) The owner of the company started it b/c his wife was a photographer and didn't love the business side (hello, that sounds familiar!)

If you sign up, use my coupon code for 17Hatscpfwhtcrgp

Here's to a more productive and efficient 2016!

Talk to you soon,

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