Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Benny Award Winners

Hey everybody!

I think this is the post y'all have been waiting for... haha! These are the winners for the 2016 Benny Awards. After thousands of votes were cast, these winners got the most...

best shoes: Jordan

best dress: Rebecca

best cake: Jordan

best dance: Sara

best grooms cake: Chad

best getaway: Sara

best moment: Erin and Ashley (a tie!)

best kiss: Janelle

best bouquet: Jana

best wedding design (the winner of this one got a free anniversary session!): Maegan and Nathan

best engagement portrait
3rd: Liz

2nd: Haley

1st: Krystal

best bridal portrait
3rd: Janelle

2nd: Hope

1st: Jordan

best wedding portrait
3rd: Maegan (t-3)

3rd: Sabrina (t-3)

2nd: Brooke

1st: Rebecca

Talk to you soon,

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