Saturday, January 23, 2016

Miller's + Mpix - Perfect Prints

Hey everybody!

It's been awhile since I've talked about printing pictures. Isn't that odd? I'm a photographer, after all, and printing pictures is my love language. I of course value the fact that I can pull out my phone and flip through images of my friends, my family, my work, etc., but NOTHING beats hanging a portrait on the wall, or framing your favorite moment. How many times have I had a rough day and walked through the door at home to see a big ol' print of Ellie smiling to brighten my day? Too many to count.

There's a tip in 5 Minute Fix about this so I won't go into a huge discussion here, but it's SO EASY to get professional quality prints from a real lab (try to avoid the bad quality prints at discount stores, y'all!). If you're not a professional photographer, use for prints - the quality is great, the prices are great, and they're so fast! When I started my photo career, I used them exclusively to service my clients and have literally NEVER had to send back a print for bad printing. If you ARE a professional, I don't need to explain the importance of a great printing lab. For 100 percent of my print orders, canvas orders, Christmas Card orders, etc., I use Miller's Professional Imaging. They've been my go-to my entire career and will never leave them. The people there are so sweet (I've toured the lab many times), their operation is so efficient, and their quality is the best. You can easily spot a Miller's print in a sea of prints from lesser quality labs.

There's no code I need to give you... I receive no money for writing this post... I just value 1) the practice of getting prints for your home and 2) a quality lab.

Talk to you soon,

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