Sunday, January 10, 2016

My House is For Sale! :)

Hey everybody!

My precious home is for sale, y'all! With all my changes of 2015, I've decided that my house is just too much house for me (though I love it so), and I want to try something new and fresh, so I'm selling my house! Holly McMaster, my darling realtor that was with me when I purchased the house, is now helping me sell (she is with Lindsey, so you can reach her there if you wanna see it!)

I hope it goes to a fun, good family!

One of my very favorite things about my house is the sunsets I get to see on the daily... check out God's work here...

I updated this room with a cooler light, so schedule a showing to see (haha! shameless teaser!)

And of course the all-white bedroom (cat not included with the sale of the house... hahaha!)

Talk to you soon,

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