Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jim and Pam... Er... Sara and Toby's Anniversary Session

Hey everybody!

Any Office fans out there? I am!  I cried when the show finished (and still have a hard time watching reruns without feeling melancholy... and happy at the same time)!  Sara and Toby are too, and when she reached out to me about doing anniversary portraits to celebrate their first year of marriage, she had an unusual request.  She wanted to sort of recreate Jim and Pam's photo shoot (just google "Jam and Pam cake" to see what she was talking about) and of course I knew right away what she wanted.  It was a hilariously fun shoot, and I'm so happy she thought out of the box for this!
And don't you just love that she put her wedding dress back on? The MOST fun!

(that first pose was just a candid moment as I was getting my camera set... but I had to keep it! S'cute!)

Talk to you soon,

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