Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ana Villa Reception in Dallas for Mallori and Zach

Hey everybody!

I last left you with a ceremony kiss that sealed vows for Mallori and Zach. Wasn't that a gorgeous ceremony? The Chapel at Ana Villa is a dream, and it has a reception venue attached! M+Z hosted their reception with about a million flowers, and the coolest Benny Booth backdrop of all time (stay tuned for that!). Let's continue with our story.

Gorgeous cake, gorgeous couple, and gorgeous lighting. Photographers: Bonnie shot this holding the ice light for a perfectly exposed image that balanced a subtle background light for this cake cutting shot. Yummy.

And how sweet is this kiss with their toasting glasses.  Also, these two cake cutting shots required literally no photoshop.  Perfect exposures and beautiful couples sure cut down my editing time!
I love this laugh during the toasts. Totally sweet (even if you know the best man is hitting on the bride... hahaha!)
For the first dance shot, I wanted to showcase not only the couple, but this gorgeous venue.  The gobo lighting was a show stopper.
Let me give a shout out to my main man, father of the bride, who showed all us gentlemen in the crowd how it's done. Well played, sir. One of the best daddy/daughter dances I've seen.
Kappa time.  This group of girls is so sweet and gorgeous and fun.  We had a blast all night!
Another Bonnie shot... I was impressed with how well these reception images turned out (not the easiest thing when you are shooting in my particular style... but she nailed it).  Mallori is priceless.
Haha... not sure what's going on in this shot, but felt a burning deep in my soul to include it.
Let's pick up the groom and toss him in the air.  Why not! These kids know how to have a great time.
Bonnie's send off shot was pretty rockin'...
...and here's mine.  Sweet reactions. The snow send off was fun because it was 70 degrees in Dallas. In February, well, you never know!
And then Bonnie captured this excitement.  I've laughed at this image every single time I've seen it.  Zach is something else.  Good luck Mal... ;)

Talk to you soon,

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