Friday, March 18, 2016

Canon 5D R S Review

Hey everybody!

Thanks to my favorite new rental company (ATS Rentals) I had the opportunity to try out the Canon 5D R S, which shoots FIFTY megapixels. Fifty. That's crazy. The file size from this camera is insane, and the detail is legit. There are a lot of pros to using this camera, which I'll get to after I mention a couple little cons. First, because the file size is so dang big, it eats up card space like me on cheat day. Shooting in raw, a 32gb card gets less than 500 images. The other downside dealing with file size is that the play back is slow if you're a chimper (meaning you look at the back of the camera a lot, which I'll admit that I do). The last thing I noticed was that the battery goes dead quite a bit faster. I'm not sure why, but I noticed it with multiple batteries that it would run down the power quicker than my Canon 5D mk 3. But now... on to the good stuff. When you're dealing with file sizes this big, you can blow up images to the size of skyscrapers. There's even a function on the camera to set it as a crop sensor because you can get away with it b/c of file size. The detail is off the charts as I zoom in and in an in to an image, and the price of the body isn't too high (3500) compared to cameras that offered a 50 megapixels just a couple years ago. Undoubtedly (and this is the bottom line), it'll be my next camera purchase unless Canon comes out with one that also has wifi.

Here's a couple images I captured with it during the last week...

Talk to you soon,

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