Saturday, March 5, 2016

Story Behind the Shot: Mallori's Bridal

Hey everybody!

A lot of times I get emails from photographers about how I get this shot or that shot and I'm always happy to reply with a quick explanation, but today I'm going to share something slightly different.  Today I want to share with you the story behind the shot - not a technical camera setting or anything... just how this shot came to be.

Photographers: shooting weddings is an honor and a privilege. I take every single wedding and shoot it with passion, and every moment of the date I try to utilize.  When things don't run as scheduled any people are just standing around, I use that time to create.  I hope you read this and feel inspired to do the same.

The shot below is maybe my favorite artistic portrait from Mallori's wedding.  We shot it because we were waiting on the bridal bouquet to start the wedding party photos, and since every one was just standing around, I took the opportunity to create something special.  The aisle had a really gorgeous floral arch in front of the glass-backed chapel... instead of shooting head on (like I did for the traditional wedding portraits), I changed my perspective by moving to the side and standing on a chair to raise myself up slightly.  I used the window light (read all about using tricks like window like in The 5 Minute Fix), exposed for the shadows, and hid the fact that she didn't have a bouquet.

What I ended up with is the gorgeous portrait of the bride that would have never been taken if I just waited around like everybody else on that stinking bouquet. (the bouquet, by the way, was worth the wait!)

Talk to you soon,

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