Monday, April 4, 2016

Benny Bride Update: Charmingly Kristin Designs

Hey everybody!

I love keeping up with all my brides and what they're currently up to!  If you're a Benny Bride with something excited going on, text or email me and let me know!  I want to start featuring some cool stuff y'all are doing on this blog!  Today, I'm kicking it off with Kristin Wood, one of the coolest and most talented brides I've ever had.  She's going to tell you what she's been up to!


I can’t tell you how elated I was when Dale asked if he could feature my little shop on his blog. After years of stalking Dale’s photographs on his blog, we had him photograph our “second wedding” (long sob story about our scam artist wedding photographers the first go-round) and he has been photographing all the important moments for our family since. Beyond his insane talents, he is a great friend and I feel so fortunate that our lives crossed paths!

I thought I would share a little about Charmingly Kristin Designs (named after my old blog that I haven’t updated in 2 years). I have been creating for as long as I can remember. My mom, who is quite talented herself (though she would never admit it), instilled in me a love for creating. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dabbled in just about any craft you can think of (from cross-stitch and crochet to making doll house furniture to designing prom and pageant dresses). Seven years ago, I decided to learn to sew so that I could start making curtains for our house. I took a couple of lessons and sewed more zipper bags than I can count.

Recently, I dusted off the sewing sewing machine and began making decorations for my daughter's nursery. I found a renewed love of sewing for my new little muse. After a few more sewing projects, I decided I was ready to tackle making Vivienne a dress. After the first one, I was hooked. I love pairing colorful modern prints and sweet vintage style details. There are so many beautiful fabrics, and I just can’t help myself from buying them and turning them into something adorable!

I have an Etsy shop with a few of my designs listed for sale ( and am always posting new things on my Facebook and Instagram accounts ( and CharminglyKristinDesigns on IG). I am really hoping to get my clothes into some local children’s boutiques, so hopefully some day you will find Charmingly Kristin Designs on the rack at your favorite shop! But for now, feel free to find me on social media or email me at

And to tie-in Kristin's previous mentions on the Benfield Blog, here are some highlights from her life!  Yay!

Talk to you soon,

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