Thursday, May 26, 2016

Living Arts Wedding in Tulsa: Story of Caitlin and Brian's Wedding Day

Hey everybody!

This day was fun. F-U-N. Caitlin is hilarious, and Brian is sweet. The two are down to have a great time, and to treat their guests to a fun party.

We started off the day at the Hyatt downtown Tulsa, where Corinne (Caitlin's sister) and others helped make our bride a stunning beauty.

During the ceremony, these two kicked it off, pulling at my heartstrings.  Aren't they precious?

After the ceremony we drove around Tulsa shooting.  Here's a little outtake I found on Courtney's camera.  Silly girls.

How cool is this location y'all?  OMG.

Here I am acting a fool to get the party to laugh. I win.

Caitlin's sister gave a great toast - and I hear a lot of toasts. The couple both laughed and cried!

I adore this cake, and this moment.

This dance shot is one of my favorites. I don't often post a picture of people without showing their faces, but this is just so sweet!

And then it ended like this, so yeah... they're fun.

Caitlin's dance with her dad was super emotional. God help me if Ellie cries during our first dance, I'm going to lose it.

Oh no big deal... just fireworks.

I got inspired with some of the fun lights we had and started playing around. I love this dancing shot at the reception at Living Arts.

And off they go!

Talk to you soon,

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