Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Woodland Hills CA Reception of Morgan and Jon

Hey everybody!

I left off yesterday with the end of the ceremony at Woodland Hills Country Club in California. Today, I'm picking up after the ceremony, and after I shot the couple's portraits around the golf course (in what looked like I had stepped into Florence, Italy, for a wedding!). This cocktail hour took place at the perfect time to get Benny Backlight with the guests.  I love catching candids like this...

And then I pulled Kris Allen and his wife, Katy, aside for a quick pick. I was like, "do whatever." This is whatever:

And then this.  On a side note, I don't have any tattoos, but Kris' ring tattoo is something I'm totally jealous of.  Not that I want that, particularly, but what an incredible statement he is making.  I love the meaning of marriage the more and more I shoot it, understand it, and learn it more deeply.

Then it was reception time at the Woodland Hills Country Club. A cool entrance, no doubt.

And this ROMANTIC first dance.  Love the lighting, love this couple, and love this emotion.

And they just kept kissing and I just kept shooting.

Haha... Morgan's face.

And this party was hopping! I was impressed with the amount of dancing from Morgan and Jon's guests!

Aww.... isn't this sweet?! This is a good shot to end on for today. 

Tomorrow I'm going to post their wedding portraits, and I have to say... you'll want to check out this location! 

Talk to you soon,

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