Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fashion Blogger Catch-up

Hey everybody!

It's been awhile since I've posted my fashion photography blogposts, so let's play a little catch up.

I've been shooting regularly for the Bonnie Does It Again Fashion blog, and she's been going through some changes, as you'll see in the recap today. This first shot shows her graphic tee paired with cool accessories and a gold skirt. I think it is a pretty accurate representation of her style.

For this shot, she did a number of bodysuit/leotard outfits that I was able to shoot. High wasted cut-off shorts completed the look, which I paired with a cool urban industrial location.

Then, Bonnie decided she was going to chop off her hair when we were in L.A. so we did one more shoot to commemorate her long locks. I love the hipster/rocker look here with the Beiber tee and black readers.

And then of course, she chopped it off and I love the short hair!  We shot these recently for an I hate mondays fashion tee blog post. I love the little white choker here too that completes the ensemble. (and of course, her makeup is BOMB)

For more from these looks, and for many more fashion and makeup blog posts, head to

Talk to you soon,

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