Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Is Blogging Dead? Nahhhh

Hey everybody!

A quick scroll through this blog and you'll see that I devote time every single day to this blog. It's hard some days, but I made a commitment to keep putting myself out there, day after day.

I read Seth Godin's blog and was saddened to see that Google has, in a way, discouraged blog reading by 1) getting rid of their RSS reader service and 2) sending emailed blog subscriptions to spam folders or to promo folders (which people don't typically read).

So, y'all... do me a favor...
Bookmark this page.  Or, add me in your feed burner or other RSS apps. I use Bloglovin, but I don't know where it stacks up against others... I just know it's free!  I like free!

Anyway... I love writing to y'all each and every day and I want to keep on as long as y'all keep on reading.  Let's just make it easier, shall we?

Talk to you soon,

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