Friday, June 17, 2016

Singer Songwriter Night: Music Photography

Hey everybody!

I don't have a ton of experience at photographing live concerts, but it's something I absolutely LOVE doing! Madison Watkin's concert recently was one of my favorites, and recently I had the opportunity to photograph again for my friend Carter Hulsey. He's such an incredible songwriter, and I love watching him perform.

Y'all, it's hard to make money as a musician, with services like Spotify and Pandora that don't pay musicians enough to make a living doing what God has called them to do.  I'm happy to say that I help support Carter by paying $5/month through his website - that's the same as a drink at starbucks... I'd love for you to help too if you feel connected to him!  You get all his music and fun extras if you subscribe, which you can do here:

Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the concert...

Talk to you soon,

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