Thursday, June 23, 2016

TBT: Mallory+Jake's Wedding Day, Three Years Ago

Hey everybody!

I'm doing it a bit different today. It's Thursday... Throwback Thursday... and yesterday Mallory reached out to me to say that she went back through her wedding images, all of them, and then said a bunch of nice things.  I asked if I could post what she said and asked her if she wanted to write out a little something.  It's below.  I love my couples so much and I'm so honored to capture memories for them!

Talk to you soon,

Three years ago today you captured (in my biased opinion...haha) the best image of your career. This single image captured every ounce of a "perfect wedding day." We chose to get married on my late grandmother’s birthday, June 22 to honor her. She loved a hot sunny summer day to work in her yard and the day of our wedding was nothing short of a hot southern summer day. In this image we will refer to that as the infamous "Benny Backlight" that was absolutely stunning. This image also captured the absolute essence of my wedding gown which also happens to be my mother’s wedding gown from 1980. YES, 1980…no designer for this country gal. The imperfections you see in the wrinkles of my gown was because it was so old and had been preserved for so long. I remember one of my bridesmaids being so persistent about getting those wrinkles out and I finally said just let it be. When I saw this photo I thought to myself, WOW those wrinkles reveal the age of the dress and just how perfectly sentimental it was in its condition just like that. Imperfection is not often accepted the day of a wedding, however the small imperfection of the wrinkles displayed through this image is the true beauty of something old and borrowed in my case. Ironically, imperfection was perfection in this image. 

They say the perfect gift for any occasion is a gift that keeps on giving. While planning my wedding I was constantly asked the same question "what means the most to you?" Some girls say it’s the flowers, some say it’s the music, some say it’s the food but ALL say "but I want to make sure I remember that day more than anything!" My answer was always the same, "the memories mean the most to me." My biggest piece of advice for all brides-to-be is to remember that flowers die, cakes get eaten, decorations eventually come down, candles burn out, shoes go in and out of style but the memories are FOREVER. The only way to capture those candles, shoes, d├ęcor, wedding cakes and flowers are with photographs. Those memories are relived through photos for a lifetime following your big day. That, my friend is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to give the gift of memories through all of your photos even 3 years later.

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