Monday, June 20, 2016

The Most Important Blog Post I'll Ever Write...

Hey everybody!

I've written 3094 posts on this blog. And I've written more than 2700 of those in consecutive days, dating back to Dec 31, 2008.

Many of you have followed this blog for years, maybe not every day but you have been so loyal and faithful on checking in from time to time (and I'm so grateful for that!). Because of that, you've watched Ellie grow up on here. Pretty much literally! Just the "Ellie" label on here has more than 130 posts.

In all the posts I've written, this is one is the most important one of all. Today's post is where I get to share with you that Ellie has accepted Jesus into her heart! While on our daddy/daughter date to Tulsa for Father's Day, I asked her about church camp (she had just gotten back recently). She said some of the fun things she got to do, and I knew that God was putting it on my heart to ask her the most important question. "Did you ask Jesus into your heart?" And she said yes! Immediately I was filled with so many emotions: excitement was the biggest. I asked if it was a silent thing she did on her own or if she did it with a camp counselor. She said it was inside her head so I talked her through what that was like, making sure she heard all the relevant points (accepting that we are all sinners; believing that Christ is who is says He is and came to Earth and lived and was crucified to cover our sins and conquered death three days later; and then asking for forgiveness of those sins and committing your life to live the full life He created for us all).

It's what a leading Dad would do. I've been praying to the Lord to prepare me for such a talk, and I got the book "A Dad Who Leads" though I admit I haven't read it yet (but it's on my nightstand and will be the next book I get to after my current book is finished). The Lord answered this prayer that I would be ready. We talked about certain favorite verses of hers and she asked me what certain things mean. I was happy to say that I had the answers for her questions and was bold with my faith for her. We've been praying together, and our relationship (even though I wish I could see that sweet girl more!) has never been stronger!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Talk to you soon,

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