Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Alaska Wedding Portrait Photography of Julie and Taylor

Hey everybody!

When I ran to grab lunch around noon on Julie and Taylor's wedding day, I overheard the server talking about how a storm was rolling in and it wasn't going to pass through until the next day.  I stopped what I was doing and started praying that I'd be able to shoot some bride and groom portraits outside without rain.  And then I texted one of my friends and asked her to pray too, haha! I didn't want them to fly me all the way to Alaska and not get some cool outdoor shots, y'all!

Well, when the time to start rolled around, the rain came in. Dang. Started praying again. Texted friend again.  Ceremony came. It was an hour long.  Near about the 45 minute mark I took a peek outside and... HELLO SUN!  So off we went to shoot our outdoor portrait session. I was a happy photographer.

Talk to you soon,

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