Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Happy Anniversary Stephani and Andrew

Hey everybody!

EIGHT years! Congratulations to Stephani and Andrew on eight years of marriage today. My favorite thing about their day, looking back, was that they had all their loved ones come up to the alter and lay hands on them to pray.

Y'all, you might stop following me as much as I share my faith on here and my opinions, but I don't care... haha! You HAVE to have Jesus in your marriage. He holds it all together when we as earthly, selfish beings cannot. My hope is that all my couples involve Jesus in their relationship, that y'all pray together, and practice love as He loves us.

Thank you, Stephani and Andrew for setting such a great example of what it means to have Christ in the center of your relationship. I'm blessed to know you both, and I hope you know how much of an encouragement you are to those around you.  I wish you both the very very best!

Talk to you soon,

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