Friday, July 8, 2016

Photographers: JUMP ON THIS!

Hey everybody!

If you have my book, 5 MINUTE FIX, you'll know that I LOVE the program Photo Mechanic (normally 150 bucks, and I put it on every computer I have). Right now, there is a special of all these amazing things, including photo mechanic, for only 99 dollars! I just purchased it because I needed to install PM on my new computer and all these other great things came with it... I look forward to playing with the album design software to see if it'll save me time, some cool lightroom and photoshop presets, a few video tutorials, and a lot of other fun stuff. Photographers, you're kinda crazy not to get this! - it expires on July 12, so head there now (I get no commission or anything... I just love this bundle!)

Talk to you soon,

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