Sunday, August 21, 2016

Beauty in Unexpected Locations

Hey everybody!

I'm currently out in California for a handful of shoots and tonight was a pretty rad one.  The subject for this shoot is Chanel, who I knew of from Fayetteville, and has been a professional model in L.A. ever since she moved out here three years ago with one of the best, most respected modeling agencies in L.A.: Wilhemena. We are instagram friends and connected recently and I'm so proud of the shoot. I can't wait to share it. As I was driving around scouting locations, I stumbled on this hidden little gem of a scene - sneak peek over there on the right.

I love finding beauty in unexpected places, and I'm thankful that Chanel brought a true down-for-anything vibe with her because those flowers, though they looked pretty, were littered with... well... litter, and smelled like urine.  TMI? Haha maybe, but anything for the shot!  Stay tuned for the final product hitting the blog soon.
Also, if you're in the L.A. or socal area and are looking for a photographer, reach out to me:

Talk to you soon,

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