Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lazy Man's Challenge

Hey everybody!

I think getting and staying healthy is so important in life. I used to be quite a bit overweight and felt miserable all the time. I loved food, and I still love food, but I was able to lose weight and have a better lifestyle, and y'all... I LOVE the way I feel right now!

My friend and photographer, Becker, has lost even more than me! He's down 90 pounds! He's figured out some great tricks that he is sharing over at "Lazy Man's Challenge." I see such a difference in him, and since he has a sweet little girl now, he needs all that energy and fitness he can get.

If you're a groom of mine (or even a bride!) who is looking to tone up, trim down, or get healthy, click on his link below.

Here’s Becker's before and after photo.He's down over 90 pounds to date, as so far participants of the LMC have lost over 4,000 pounds collectively.

Talk to you soon,

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