Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Superthoughts: On Permission

Hey everybody!

Permission is a special thing. It's a unique thing... what else is like it? How'd they even come up with what to call such an abstract concept of allowing another to do/say/be something?

I remember the first time I held a girl's hand in a movie theatre.  That rush of excitement, palms sweaty (for someone who never gets sweaty palms, this was a surprise), heart beating out of my chest for fear of rejection. Rejection: another special thing (not in a good way, clearly... but special nonetheless). The fear... the despair of not being allowed to do/say/be something. Holding her hand was a way for her to give me permission. She made me feel worthy. I'll always remember the effect that her permission had on me.

The concept of permission has been huge in my life lately. Being denied permission puts me immediately on the defensive, or on self-preservation. I've found myself in that place a couple times this year. I've been faced with hard moments, which I hope to use for growth. Being granted permission, on the other hand, can give that feeling of total exhilaration, or even just like you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Today in church, my pastor mentioned the word permission (I had already started writing this blog post mid-week) so my ears perked up and I scribbled down a paraphrase of what he said next: we don't give God permission to work greatness in our lives because we are blocking His grace and goodness.  <<<I'm guilty of this.

We too often give people permission to treat us ways that are unhealthy, unproductive, or destructive. We give permission to make us feel a particular way... break us down. Why? Do we feel we deserve it, maybe subconsciously?

Or sometimes we deny people to treat us ways that are healthy, productive, or constructive.  We deny permission to make us feel a certain way... build us up.  Why? Do we feel we deserve it, maybe subconsciously?

Maybe today I'm going to take away permission for those who mistreat me, speak down to me, or hurt me some way. I don't want to allow them to do things as they have done.

Today I'm going to give permission to those who want to build me up and love me. Today I'm going to celebrate those who invest in me and see value in me.  To you... thank you!

Talk to you soon,

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