Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Does Time Measure?

Hey everybody!

When I think about the relationships I've had in my life, my mind immediately goes to the length of time I've had them. My mom... we've had a relationship all my life, obviously. Ellie... this friend... that friend... that girlfriend, etc. Maybe it's my obsession with quantifying things... or maybe everyone does that. I'm not sure.

Instead of that, maybe I start thinking about the depth of the relationship. Maybe I consider the closeness of me and the other; Maybe I consider the tightness of the bond. It's a very different approach.  How quickly did it take for me to love Ellie with my whole heart? Well, it was instant. How long did it take me to grow to love so-and-so? How close did so-and-so and I become?  I think that's the more relevant aspect of a relationship.

Instead of "I've known him since I was in kindergarten" it should be "he/she knows every secret... or he/she knows everything about me."

Talk to you soon,

Ice Skating with Cece!

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