Friday, September 23, 2016

Change the Inner Voice

Hey everybody!

Driving isn't my favorite.  Especially if it's just me in the car.  However, it makes it so much more bearable when I'm listening to something entertaining.  Maybe that's a current spotify playlist, but today it has been the audiobook Start, by Jon Acuff. I've now finished the book (it was a long drive!) and have a couple takeaways.  I don't want to give a summary of it because I think you should go read it for yourself if you're interested in the premise, but these things jumped out at me as great life mantras, regardless of where you are in life:

Change the inner voice: We all have that voice inside our heads that constantly talks to us, right?  Most of the time... for me, it's ALL the time... it's a negative voice.  You can't do this... people won't sign up/buy in... you don't look the part... or whatever.  We need to work hard on overpowering that voice. Speak out loud that we CAN do it, we ARE smart enough, we DO have what it takes.  Change the inner voice.

It's never too late to start: If you're not happy in your current job, or your current situation (boyfriend, parent, club, whatever), it's never too late to make that change!  Even though there may have been a thousand little things that led you down the road to where you are... if you're not happy or not being fulfilled, START. Make the change that gets you onto the path you want to be on. I love that! So inspiring!

Talk to you soon,

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