Monday, September 26, 2016

Give It Away

Hey everybody!

Today's super thought is once again lifted from the message at church but I am putting my own real life application to it.

Today the guest pastor discussed the differences between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. While both are fed by the same river (the Jordan River), one flourishes while the other doesn't. Can you guess which one doesn't flourish? Yeah, the Dead Sea... It is so rich in minerals (has a lot more salt content than the oceans) that life can't really flourish there, while the Sea of Galilee gives off much life.

The main reason, according to the pastor, is that there is not outgoing stream from the Dead Sea. It just sits there collecting and collecting and never gives anything off.

We as people are meant for relationships and sharing and interacting and giving. Whether that means as spouses, as Christians, as leaders in our profession, as parents, as friends, etc. we are out here to give to others, not to collect for ourselves. The result of living a life merely focused on collecting (collecting is good and sustains, don't get me wrong... It's the keeping) can be destructive.

What are ways we can give? That's the easy part... Obviously giving money is one way, but so is giving time. Giving service. Sharing knowledge (this is my favorite way, which led to my book, 5 Minute Fix, where I gave away information every day for a year). Let's give it away this week friends!

On a side note, I'm traveling this week again... Currently in Chicago, but I'm so thankful that my church broadcasts live! I get to watch and be a part of my church family even when I'm not able to physically be there.

Talk to you soon,


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