Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello San Francisco

Hey everybody!

I've been on the road a lot lately, which I love. I learn so much when I travel, and experience new places, tastes, smells, and cultures. I'd been to SF before, but this time I seemed to be much more aware and spongelike. I also brought my camera this time to SF (I posted a picture on the blog recently talking about the importance of bridges), and this is maybe my favorite shot from the trip. I had driven across the Golden Gate Bridge, pulled over to the side of the road and shot this shot. Again, I'm a photographer who after all these years is feeling inspired to CREATE.

On travel, this month I'll be in Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Fayetteville, and next month more of the same with the addition of San Antonio... if you're looking for a photographer and live in one of those areas, email me to see what I have available!

Talk to you soon,

Ice Skating with Cece!

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