Tuesday, September 27, 2016

LA Headshots for Nicki

Hey everybody!

I've got another headshot/model shoot for your today. It started as a headshot shoot, but Nicki was such a great model we just went with it! Hahaha! Like the other one I did recently, I asked her a few questions so you could get to know her a little bit. So fun!

1. tell me about you in 140 characters or less:

I’m a caffeine addict who loves rock music and travelling the world. I come froma tiny town with a very big reputation and I never set myself limits I know for sure I can reach!

2. what’s your dream job:

My dream job would be to have a job that feels like I’m living a dream. A job that I wake up excited to go to every morning and never makes me feel like I’m working for the sake of a paycheck.  

3. who are your inspirations (music/film/tv):

Musical inspirations for me personally have been people like Prince, so full of talent and charisma and so genuinely committed to his life’s work. As well as bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers who’s songs are derived from poetry and created as a unit. 

4. what has been your favorite LA memory:

My favourite LA memory was the day I handed out matching necklaces to all of my girls and we became the Dandelions; All petals of a single flower flying away from our nests to fulfill our wishes.

6. what is your advice for someone coming to LA to pursue their dreams:

Get a Visa!!! Haha

7. what’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in LA (or your career):
The biggest challenge in LA was leaving the people I now consider my family behind. In the airport when I was in tears a lady at the counter asked me if I was ok and I said no. When she asked me why I told her: “I miss my family and I don’t know when I will see them again”. I wasn’t talking about the family I left behind in Europe, I was talking about the family I was leaving in LA.

8. tell me something fun about you:

I love to dance like an absolute lunatic whenever the feeling pops up inside of me whether I am in private or public, in a car or on the street and I have no shame when I suddenly burst into a spasm dance-like state.

9. what would be your dream day:
My dream day happened so many times whilst living in LA. Every time I got to spend the day with all these people that I love so much all together. Going to Universal studios for example or driving to Palm Springs or San Fran, just good fun all together.

10. what song must I stop everything and go listen to (or book to read, or movie to watch):

BOOK TO READ!! John Steinbeck’s East of Eden is an amazing book and worth a read if you have not yet graced it’s pages.

11. what’s your mantra (phrase/saying/quote) by which you live your life, or your favorite quote

I often say one specific thing to remind myself not to take life too seriously and to remember not to let the bad things in this world get me down, I say: Live Life Laughing. In most situations you can find the funny and the best things in life are the funny things that make us laugh so much we can’t breath and tears stream from our eyes. The best thing in life is to be happy so if you’re feeling sad, find a way to make yourself laugh again and you will pull through.

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