Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Superthoughts: On Being Selfish

Hey everybody!

I'm pretty good at picking out the main ideas from conversations, from movies, from songs. Today at church one of our pastors said something that forced me to get out my phone and type it:

"The moment you realize it's not about you, you'll be fine."

In his case, he was afraid of public speaking and realized that when the message was more important than his fear, he was able to overcome it. I happened to love that message because, while I think I do a good job of being selfless in certain situations... I make so many things about me.

Problems that pop up in my life would be so much easier to handle if I just remembered to not make it all about me. While I try to take on the problem, my pride gets in the way. Are we all that way? I believe it would be much easier to overcome problems, fears, struggles... if we can make it about others. Can we just work on that? Marriages, jobs, friendships, parenting, relationships, businesses... all these can benefit from adopting this mentality.

Talk to you soon,

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