Monday, October 17, 2016

Double Anniversary 🎉

Hey everybody!

I love looking back to see what I was doing this day last year, two years, five years ago. I blame Timehop for this current obsession but also my respect for marriage and anniversaries. This day last year I caught a 5am flight from Brooke and Ryan's incredible Florida wedding to Jonesboro for Sabrina and Neal's darling nuptials. It was for sure my busiest weekend of the year but I thrive in working hard, being productive, and being on the go-go-go.

Sabrina sent me an email on her 6 month anniversary telling me how much she loves looking at her wedding images and how much it meant to her for me to be there (so sweet)! And Brooke and Ryan have become two of my closest friends over the past 12 months and have been there for me when I've needed friends over this past year. I couldn't be more thankful for my job and the relationships it has helped me form.

And now, let's look at some of my favorite portraits from these two weddings...

Talk to you soon,

Ice Skating with Cece!

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