Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday: 5 Minute Fix and SYK!

Hey everybody!

It's CYBER MONDAY! Yay! Let's all not get any work done and instead buy things for our friends and family!

I'm selling a video presentation of my Shoot Your Kids Workshop - wanna know the price?  Whatever price you wanna put in! This video covers the composition and lighting tricks I use every day, and the camera settings presentation.  You'll finish watching and know what all those dials do on your camera and all my favorite tips to compose great images! The quality of the video is somewhat pixelated to make the download manageable, but the sound is good!
Get it here (makes a great gift!):

Also,  this year, my book publisher PeachPit Press is doing a special on the 5 Minute Fix - my book that is for beginning, amateur, and pro photographers. I covers shooting, posing, marketing, and all sorts of other tips for photographers. Here's the info:
When: Nov 27-28 (Sun-Mon)
Offer: Save 55% on Digital Learning Products
Discount Code CM2016

Talk to you soon,

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