Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wiley's Surprise Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody!

Wiley and Taylor pulled off the best April Fool's I've ever been a part of: they got MARRIED at a fake birthday party!  When guests arrived at George's Majestic Lounge April 1st, they thought they were celebrating the 40th birthday of Boom Kinetic frontman, Wiley Seeger.  After being presented with a birthday gift from fiance Taylor, a killer Gibson acoustic guitar, they snuck off to get changed.
Amanda from Bates-Reed Brides then sprung into action converting the event into a surprise wedding, passing out champagne and a wedding invitation, and I just sat back and watched as amazement filled the room.

They came out to a brass band playing the Beatles' All You Need Is Love, and as the bride walked to the stage she was met with loud applause and an overjoyed groom.  His dad performed the ceremony, which was the perfect added touch to this already emotional ceremony.

After the wedding, I pulled the newlyweds out onto Dickson street for some nighttime wedding portraits.  My favorites are below.  Congratulations Wiley and Taylor!

Talk to you soon,

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