Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Big Cedar Outdoor Wedding for Lauren and Mike

Hey everybody!

I have the honor of sharing the first ever outdoor garden wedding at Integrity Hills at Big Cedar with you today! Lauren and Mike chose a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding, and the landscaping at Big Cedar Integrity Hills was nothing short of breathtaking. I already love shooting at Big Cedar (they have the absolutely best and nicest staff), so this weekend was so fun for me.

Erin and her team executed this vision flawlessly - this room was gorgeous...

This sunset was insane! I of course had to bring the couple outside from their reception to be photographed with it.  Wow.

And my favorite, romantic portrait from the day - we off-roaded it a bit for this location

How precious are Lauren and her girls. The most.

But the shy flower girl stole my heart.  What a sweet heart!

This moment. Everything.

The area outside at Integrity Hills was a stunning location for a wedding with an incredible view.

I mean, c'mon.  Dream outdoor wedding.

Then we were back inside for the reception - Boom Kinetic brought the party, and Lauren and Mike brought the sweet moments.

But wait... there's more! Lauren and Mike surprised their guests with a fireworks show!

Near the end of the night, Lauren's siblings surprised her with... well, I'm not sure exactly.  But it was hilarious and fun!

Talk to you soon,

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