Friday, April 13, 2018

Palm Springs Fashion Shoot for Impressions Boutique

Hey everybody!

Shooting fashion photography has it's challenges.  Balancing a quick turnaround with great quality is a tight-rope walk.  However, over the past few years, this has been the fastest growing area of my business, thanks to shooting some really rad bloggers and for my relationship with Shop Impressions Online Boutique.  A couple months ago we all hopped on a plane to LAX (with my dream and a cardigan) to shoot the new line Impression was excited to launch. 

We spent a couple days in the desert - but it's not what you think.  Palm Springs is the prettiest dessert in the world, filled with incredible houses, pops of color everywhere, great restaurants, and about a million places to photograph models (no wonder Coachella is here!). We photographed from dusk until dawn with four models who all brought their A-game to the multi-day session. This is probably one of my longest posts of all time, but worth the scroll... I promise you.

Talk to you soon,

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