Monday, March 16, 2009

Date Week! And a contest!

Hey everybody!

Since we aren't going to any exotic locations, and because I have to be gone all next week to New Mexico, I've decided that this week Mere and I are having date night Monday-Thursday! Tonight and Wednesday night is Lady's choice. Tomorrow and Thursday, I get to do whatever I want.

This is where YOU come in! You're going to pick what we do Thursday night! Either comment or email me what we should do and the winning person gets a date night of their own - via gift certificates!! YAY!!! I need to plan it by Wednesday morning, so let me know asap!

Talk to you soon,


  1. I'm thinking a little photo scavenger hunt challenge may be in order for the two photographers! Boy vs Girl! Tuesday night you both discuss the rules (there are no rules!) each pick 3 photo themes/shots that must be captured Thursday night...Thursday evening you present your themes to each other- each contestant shoots all six themes/ are taken with your Iphone (or DSLR if you prefer) and posted to your Facebook page. Followers/Friends then vote for their favorite shot for each category. Meredith wins- she gets a big fat treat from N win.....Meredith gets a big ol fat treat from N Mexico (can you tell I've been married for 10+ years.

    Sample theme/categories to capture:
    -Coolest Restaurant sign
    -water feature

    - Have Fun! Feel free to simplify
    Brian Rudisill- Groove Productions

  2. So with a high of 58 and low of 34 projected for your weather forecast on Thursday my first idea of a hot air balloon ride is probably out of the question, but here is the info for a later & warmer date. Although, Mere does love the cold so she might be up for a somewhat frigid but amazing sunset ride over the beautiful landscape of Fayetteville. Bundle up & don't drop your cameras!!

  3. Holy cow...that sounds complicated. How about a night of playing house? Say go over to a relative's house that recently had a new baby and volunteer to babysit??? No?? Then how about a picnic? Get some yummy takeout and a few battery-powered candles, find one of your secret engagement shoot spots and enjoy.

  4. My very favorite date night consists of getting some chinese takeout for dinner - eating with the kids - putting them to bed and then relaxing on the couch with my hubby watching a romantic comedy.

  5. Fun night of pizza and go karts at fast a kid at heart for a night!

  6. Dance lesson with Elayne! I think. Love the idea of dinner in the gazebo at Gulley park with some Pandora and candles.

  7. I'm thinking something with a ring...let me know if I'm warm.

  8. I'm voting early for Meredith's suggestion. :)

  9. I'm voting early for Meredith's suggestion :)

  10. You could come over to my house and help me fold clothes and clean bathrooms! I'd give you BOTH a ring! HA

    I'll play some Buble....


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