Friday, May 29, 2009

Bethany and Chris tie the knot!

Hey everybody!

It seems like forever since Bethany and Chris met up with us in Chicago for their unique and fun engagement session! We were excited to meet back up with them for their wedding here in NW Arkansas this past week.
Within this post is a lesson for photographers, brides, and grooms out there. You see, the forecast did not look good, as the sky grew darker and darker throughout the day. Now, I'm not one to totally ignore the weather, but I will say that stressing about it before it's time to stress about it, is unnecessary!

I'm not exaggerating on the time, literally 5 seconds after Bethany went inside the church after being photographed with her girls, the sky dumped, I mean DUMPED, down rain. Then, it rained the entire ceremony and ride over to Carnall Hall, but then guess what happened when it was time for the couple's portraits... not only was there no rain, but a freaking RAINBOW! No joke - check the image below.

If you followed me on Twitter that day, you already know all this, and got to see it play out (I told everybody early in the day that I wasn't worried)

Anyway, check out some great images from their day!

Talk to you soon,

He was quite the fan - actually, they both were!

Our lovely couple...

The flowers were by Jules Event Design:

Rad cake by Jennifer at Shelby Lynn's. Little Barack was the topper later in the day!

Two fun dance shots, one crazy, one sweet:

Talk to you tomorrow!

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