Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holga Pics from a Cancun wedding at Dreams Palace

Hey everybody!

When Mere and I were at the Dreams resort photographing Lindsey and Bryan's fabulous Cancun wedding, I brought along my holga camera and some medium format film for some photo fun. I realize their Cancun wedding was more than three months ago, but now that it's getting colder there is no better time to wish we were back at the gorgeous Dreams Palace resort.

A holga camera is a bit different from what we typically shoot. Instead of digital, it is a film camera and takes medium format film (about 3 times the size of "regular" film). Holga cameras are known for their artistically bad quality, sometimes even allowing light to leak in to the film. After I processed and scanned these images, I ran them through the normal treatment so you could compare apples to apples. I just love the way they turned out!

Talk to you soon,

And you know us... we have to get a foot shot!


  1. those are some incredible pictures!

    in just 33 days matt and i will be on the beach!!! WOO HOO those pics make it all the more exciting :)

  2. Oh the money you could make going into the postcard-selling business!


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