Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dale: the pre-school teacher

Hey everybody!

Today was a proud daddy moment for me: I had the privilege of teaching Ellie's pre-k class all about photography.

I'll admit, I was way more nervous teaching 5 years old than I am teaching college students; however, their sweet little kid eyes melted away my nerves so I could rock out the photo lesson.

I brought some old school cameras, medium format and 35mm, film, negatives, Polaroid, and digital, and loved seeing there little faces light up when I started passing it all around.

Then I talked about how photographers are actually storytellers! I told them that I love my job of telling the story of a bride's wedding. This led in to looking at a wedding album I brought, going through and telling the story of the wedding. It was really cool!

After my book, I showed a few other books pertaining to photography: "Zoom" and "Flotsam" are two of my very favorites! You should look at them next time you're in Barnes-a-Million (I hope I just made that up).

We ended our time with a craft and a group photo, and I could tell the kids had a great time. They were laughing with me the entire time. Too fun.

And, the cherry on top was I could see that Ellie was proud of her daddy.

Talk to you soon,

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