Friday, July 2, 2010

Dale and Mere: Moment Collectors :-)

Hey everybody!

"Moments" to me means "fantastical little pieces of time." Along with portraits, these are what make a wedding day so special to me. These are the pieces that make great stories, and that make each wedding unique.

I love moments.

And I'm happy to collect them for my bride and grooms keep.

Here are some of my favorite moments from 2010 so far.

First up, a first meeting moment. This part of the day is so special to a bride and groom, and is usually pretty emotional.

From a first meeting to a last dance. I love this moment.

We just ran this shot a few days ago, but I love this moment between Shea and Nick - so flirty and fun!

I talked about this shot during the original post, but I love how much of the story this tells. Chelsea was so giddy when it was time to sign the marriage license. I think they kept using the word, "surreal."

Time for a tear jerker. It didn't matter that Brittany and Chase had a first meeting. Should couldn't hold back the tears (WHICH I LOVE!) during her walk to Chase. I love that her dad was the shoulder she could cry on one last time. (((man, I'm sappy tonight!!)))

But it's not all about the daddy daughter moments. Hello mother son moment!

The anticipation moments are sometimes just as powerful as the real emotional moments.

The reason I love this moment so much is you can tell that this is so passionate. It's like that can't get close enough to each other for this first kiss.

Weddings are a lot about the bride and groom, but they are also about the friends to carried you through to get where you are on your wedding day. I love this moment with Carly and her girls.

Ah! FUN moments! I remember talking about how great Marion and Clark danced together on the ride home with Meredith. Can you tell how much fun they're having?

This moment was kind of a surprise for Ashley and John's guests: fireworks as they entered the room?! Are you kidding me? THAT'S and entrance!

Sometimes lighting has everything to do with a moment. When Rebekah's dad was walking her down the aisle the stepped out from under the balcony and were **almost magically** lit.

Lastly, there is the moment I LEAST look forward to in life: giving away my daughter on her wedding day. I don't want to think about all the memories that will be running through my head as we head down the aisle. Fathers are so strong. The moment he gives his daughter away is so special.

Not gonna lie, cried at least twice when writing tonight's post. That's a big improvement though... I think I cried 12 times when I took those pictures. I might be a softy, but it makes me good at my job.

Talk to you soon,

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