Monday, July 12, 2010

Nikki and Garney's RAIN session. Seriously!

Hey everybody!

Rain might stop other photographers from shooting, but not THIS guy (lamely points two thumbs at chest while typing). :)
That's only 1/2 true anyway. We started the shoot under an overcast sky, but quickly learned that there were more to these clouds. Once we approached our 2nd place, Nikki and Garney (and Mere and me) started getting rained on. As I had never had this happen, but had secretly always wanted to, I asked them if they minded shooting a few final poses in the rain. They seemed as excited as I was!

So, we rocked it out.

Then, we flew to San Francisco a few weeks later to finish the shoot (Nikki and Garney now live there)! So, let's put those up tomorrow!!

Talk to you soon,

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